628 is for those in grades 6-8 and youth is for those in grade 9-12. We meet on Thursday nights. With Covid-19 we are not able to meet in the same way we normally would be able to but we still want to be together, but to do so safely.
So we have decided to meet in person every other week, and the other week to gather over zoom.

Meeting – in – person

To meet in person please fill out the form below.
Our night will run from 7pm-8:30pm. Please drop off just before 7pm and shortly after 8:30pm.
Everyone is asked to wear a mask unless you have an exemption.
We will have hand sanitizers available.
The youth/628 are asked to come in the East doors so that we can check them off that they are here.
We will be beginning our night with all of us together in the chapel, with chairs spread out.
At some point in the evening the youth and 628 will separate to do bible study and small groups.
At 8:30pm the youth/628 will exit the same East doors for pickup.

Meeting – over – zoom

To meet over zoom:
For 628, email to let Andy know and he will email you each zoom week the code.
For Youth, email to let Andrew know a cell phone number that he will text the code each zoom week.
Our first night will be over zoom with everyone together at 7pm
We will go over what October 1st will look like
A normal zoom meeting will have Youth and 628 separated
Each meeting will be approximately one hour
Times: 628 – 6:30pm, Youth – 7:30pm

Youth/628 Schedule

September 24th – ZOOM – 7pm for both Youth and 628
October 1st – Meet in person – 7pm
October 8th – ZOOM – 628 at 6:30pm, Youth at 7:30pm
October 15th – Meet in person – 7pm
October 22nd – ZOOM – 628 at 6:30pm, Youth at 7:30pm
October 29th – Meet in person – 7pm
November 5th – ZOOM – 628 at 6:30pm, Youth at 7:30pm
November 11th – Meet in person – 7pm
Hello Stoney Creek Youth/628 families! We are so excited to get back together this year. In order to follow the Health Unit guidelines and ensure we are all staying safe, we are asking families to fill out a brief registration form that is available online. It is important for us to have accurate contact information to get messages out, as well as to have families answer a few questions before attending. If you are unable to complete the form online, you are still more than welcome to attend, but parents will need to complete the registration form in person when you arrive on the first day.
Please click the following link to complete the form:
Andy Ottaway heads up our 628 youth.
You can contact him through email at or through the church office at 519-457-7072.
Andrew Gale heads up our Sr High Youth.
You can reach him through email at