Resources for connecting to your church family.

In light of all the changes we are facing in a Covid-19 world, we are putting together resources
for you to keep in contact with those who you would normally see on a Sunday morning.
Many are facing the challenges of having to social distance themselves during this
unprecedented time and we want to help you come out of this closer than ever to your church family.
Below are a few ways for you to connect to not only your church family,
but also those you are quarantined with to help the time you have together be joyful.

Church Family Facebook Group

We have created a private Facebook group for those in our church family to share videos, thoughts, bible verses, prayer requests, etc. This is a group to help you stay involved with each other and encouraged during this time of separation. Because this is a private group, you must ask to join and one of our admins will approve your request as soon as possible.

Small Groups Online

Have you been wanting to join a small group with our church but couldn’t commit because of a busy schedule? Then this is the perfect time! We are opening up small groups that are meeting on different platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. These groups consist of 3 or 4 people/couples and choose together what they would like to study. In a time of being apart from each other, it’s so important to take every opportunity possible to find ways to build relationships, whether they be new or old.
If you are interested in joining a small group, contact Adam Naus:

Covid-19 Kids Challenge

We have put together daily challenges for your school aged children to help motivate and encourage them to learn about God’s love. These challenges consist of 4 activities: memorizing Bible verses, actions around the home, watching a short video on Rightnow Media, and praying for others. Prizes will be awarded to children who complete the challenges! We post new challenges weekly on our website.

Quarantine Bucket Lists

We have put together bucket lists for you to complete during this time of social distancing. There are 3 different bucket lists are designed to help you connect to your family, your spouse and also your church family. We have also left some space for you to add a few items of your own that you think will help you to build into your relationships. Feel free to print them off and share them with friends. Download them here.

Virtual Prayer Meetings

Though we are still unable to meet together physically, we’d like to meet together virtually for our Wednesday Prayer Meetings. We will be posting the Zoom meeting link to our Facebook page and in our weekly email newsletter. These meetings will be starting at 7pm and open to the first 100 people as there is a maximum on the Zoom platform. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Andy.